This blog has been designed to guide individuals who are passionate about fashion and willing to broaden their path in fashion PR. Mainly focusing on digital impacts that have shaped the industry and how it has been changed with technology.

The content on this site will be based on both facts and commentary, aiming to be informative as well as including personal opinions and knowledge obtained from previous experiences in fashion PR. 

This blog has three values which are highly significant for its standards;

  1. Informative: The first value of this blog is to be informative. The posts published in this blog will be all useful and instructive for individuals and will help them further their knowledge of changes in fashion PR.
  2. Appealing: The second value of this blog is to be appealing. As well as being informative, I believe that an engaging layout and content are core elements of a successful and remarkable blog.
  3. Distinctive: The third value of this blog is to be distinctive. I aim to create contents which are uncommon to see in PR blogs. Including the latest innovations in fashion PR.